John Faulconbridge
Deputy Head Head
Curriculum and Standards

At Cardinal Griffin we don't ask how intelligent a child is, but how is a child intelligent.

Dave Bradbury
Careers Manager
We believe that every pupil has a gift or a talent and the ability to be successful in their own way. Whether academically or through the arts or sport every pupil can achieve at Cardinal Griffin.

In order to ensure success, each pupil in Syntax (Year 11) is allocated an Academic Mentor who helps to challenge and support a pupil through their GCSE year. In order to ensure that those who are gifted in sports and the arts, we have introduced scholarships which enable pupils to access additional learning or resources to 'top up' their talent.

We also want to prepare pupils to achieve once they leave education and offer Information, Advice and Guidance on careers or opportunities for further and higher education.

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