Special Educational Needs

Cardinal Griffin Catholic College is committed to giving children and young people with SEND the best support. Many young people need extra help of some kind during their time at the College. In most cases, staff can help them overcome difficulties quickly and easily. However some young people may require support additional to this. Cardinal Griffin is an inclusive College in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and wellbeing of every young person matters.

We recognise that every student has individual learning needs. Our innovative use of data analysis assist us with matching our teaching to the needs of learners and where specific or additional support is needed we have a qualified, dedicated and experienced Inclusion Team, able to offer a wide range of support. Sometimes this is provided in class and sometimes as part of withdrawal lessons.

Our Inclusion Team monitors students carefully and works closely with parents and other agencies, to ensure that any additional needs are met wherever possible. Our lifelong commitment is to help all our students to develop their various talents and to reach their full potential by ensuring that they have access to high quality teaching and the very best in resources and activities.

We seek to provide all our students with a stimulating, broad and balanced educational experience within a caring and supportive environment.