Supported by Entrust, Gaelle Holford the adviser for Entrust is available for one to one meetings during the college week. Students are able to ask for appointments with Gaelle during Syntax (Year 11) and the 6th from.

We regularly meet to discuss year groups from Figures (Year 8) upwards, as to what our students could benefit from.

Specialist drop-ins every 3-4 weeks for students to ask questions of the specialists who work in a chosen industry. These will be advertised on this website, parents are more than welcome to come with the student.

During the college year visits to career events are planned to help the students with options, end of Syntax (Year 11) and the end of 6th form.

Regular updates of events will be put on to the website for parents to see, with links to the events that we are going to.

Gaelle and Mr Bradbury will be available on a number of parent evenings at the college to assist with questions arising from the meetings with staff.
Entrust will be available to the leavers of the college until the reach their 20th birthday.

Here are just a few of the links we have found, more will follow.
National Apprenticeship Scheme
Job Fairs Website
Learn by Design STEM workshops
Heros in STEM

We of course hope that most of our pupils will continue to study with us post 16, joining our sixth form where they can choose for a vast array of qualifications.