Prayer in our College
Following the School Prayer & Worship Booklet, the prayer of the day is said at the beginning of each school day. These prayers follow themes and highlight any major feast days that occur during the Church’s Year. The School Prayer, The Newman Prayer, is said during Tutor Time/ Assembly Time, or at the end of each school day.

Every teaching room has a Prayer Space in it. These Prayers Spaces create a focus for prayer and worship. Each Prayer Space has a crucifix; a candle; a New Testament & Psalms; and a coloured cloth to represent the Liturgical Season (eg. Purple for Advent and Lent; White for Easter and Christmas; Green for Ordinary Time).

A crucifix is different to a cross, because it has the figure of the Crucified Christ upon it. This again reminds Christians of how Jesus died for them.

Candles are placed on the altar during Mass and are sometimes seen in front of statues, as a reminder that Jesus is the Light of the World.

Christians make the Sign of the Cross before and after prayer time, saying ‘In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.’ We make this sign to recall the Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit - and to remember that Jesus died on the Cross for us.

Prayer and Worship
Class Masses are held in the school Chapel. Pupils will have the opportunity to proclaim the Word of God, to lead their class in prayer and music. All pupils are encouraged to be involved in
the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Voluntary Masses are celebrated on any Holy Days of Obligation which occur during school time.

Y12 & Y13 start their year with a Welcome Mass, as well as celebrating Masses during Advent and Lent.

Y7 start their year with a Welcome Mass, to which parents, governors, Catholic Primary Head teachers and family are invited.

House Masses are celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent, two important seasons in the Church’s Year. Each House Group also celebrates their Cardinal on a special day with the
celebration of Mass and a meal together as a family group.

Our Chaplaincy team prepares all the Liturgies and Masses, and runs the Liturgy and Worship Group. Any pupils in Years 7 – 11 are encouraged to join the Liturgy and Worship Group to provide music for Masses and Liturgies both in school and in our feeder parish churches.

Seasons of the Church’s Year - Feast Days and Holy Days

The Church’s year begins in Advent. Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmastide. Christmastide lasts until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (usually, the Sunday after the Feast of the Epiphany).

Ordinary Time falls between the different seasons of the Church’s year, and therefore, occurs from the Baptism of the Lord until Ash Wednesday, which signifies the beginning of Lent. The season of Lent is the forty days leading up to Easter. Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. The season of Easter is the most important season in the Church’s year, and lasts for seven weeks.

After the season of Easter, the Church celebrates Pentecost - the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples. Ordinary Time resumes after Pentecost until the season of Advent begins again.

On any Holy Days of Obligation that occur during school time, we celebrate a voluntary Mass.

To attend these Masses, pupils need to obtain a ‘pass’ from the RE Department.

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