Catering at Cardinal Griffin

Yvonne Brookes, Cook
We offer a full catering service to all our pupils including a breakfast, break and lunchtime service. Pupils have a choice of where to buy their food. Some choose to buy from the main outlet, while other can choose to purchase from our catering pod which is located adjacent to the playground area. We have a full range of menu items including street food themes, a deli sandwich bar and a hot dinner offer. The menu works on a three week rotation. A sample menu can be downloaded here. In the Sixth From pupils have their own dedicated outlet, but are also able to use the main outlet or the pod.
We are proud to be working with Shire Services (Shropshire County Council) who were selected by Governors and our pupils to provide the food at our College. Pupils have a strong voice in determining the food on offer and we continually seek feedback from pupils via surveys and the College Council to ensure the food remains of a high quality.
We strongly encourage all pupils to eat the food we provide, it provide a good balance nutritional intake, and adheres to the School Food Standards. More than this, the food is delicious and exciting, taking its inspiration from the type of food that pupils are used to seeing on the high street.

Our catering staff are highly trained and we are proud of the fact that we retain the highest hygiene rating in regular inspections. We also have allergen information available for all our products, but if your child has a specific need, we would be happy to discuss this with you.