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Year 11 examinations update 15062022

Year 11 Summer examinations update

Year 11 Whitsun GCSE examination booster sessions

Whitsun 2022 GCSE revision sessions

Year 11 Summer examinations season update

Year 11 Summer examinations update

Summer 2022 Exam Timetable


Year 11 Easter and After College Exam preparation sessions:

Please click below for a link to Year 11 Easter and After College Exam preparation sessions:

Year 11 Easter and After College exam preparation sessions

Revision Calendar in the run upto Summer examinations:

Year 11 are now coming to the end of their final set of mock examinations and the year group are definitely starting to gather momentum and we look forward to sharing these results with you in the near future.

We have today issued Year 11 with an Examination preparation calendar to help them manage their time over the coming weeks.  The Summer examinations begin in 9 weeks so now is the perfect time for them to start to commit even more time to their own examination preparation.

Year 11 pupils will be required to bring their Examination preparation calendars into College every day and it needs to become as important to them as their mobile phone! 

Class teachers will be directing Year 11 pupils as to what tasks they need to complete on the days specified for each subject area.

An electronic copy of the calendar is available here:


Word version- Pupils examination preparation calendar word version

PDF version- Pupils examination preparation calendar pdf version

Key topic areas to be assessed in the upcoming Year 11 March mock examinations can be found below:

Year 11 March mock examinations content update


Advance Information

As promised, the relevant examination boards released Advanced Information for the rest of the GCSE, AS and A2 qualifications.  This is a unique time where we are been given quite clear information as to what content will be on the examination papers in the Summer.

Staff are busy digesting the Advanced Information and adjusting schemes of work. We have downloaded all the files and collated them here:

GCSE Advanced Information

AS and A2 Advanced Information


Alternatively you can access each individual examination board here:








Upper_Grammar__Year_10__Timetable.pdfYear 11 March 2022 Mock examination timetable