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Cardinal Griffin


Remote Learning Concerns

Supporting pupils facing remote learning challenges

The College understands the unique challenges working from home creates. This guide has been written to support you as parents/carers to help us sustain and improve your son/daughter’s engagement. Work through the guidance to identify the most appropriate next step. You have been directed to this information because three or more class teachers have identified one or more of the following:

  • Your son/daughter has been identified as showing very little or no engagement with the activities listed on SMHW.
  • Your son/daughter has submitted very few or no pieces of work over the last four weeks using the SMHW platform and College email.
  • The quality or completion of submitted work is significantly below your son/daughter's ability.

Extenuating factors

Where the College is aware of factors affecting your son/daughter's access to the learning resources, these have been considered by class teachers before a notification has been sent home. However, if there are factors affecting your son/daughter's remote learning that the College is unaware of, please inform their Head of Year before proceeding to the steps listed below. They, in turn, will notify class teachers to take this into consideration.

Working as partners

As partners, the College would like to support parents/carers while you continue to motivate and monitor your son/daughter’s remote learning. The guidance presents a series of steps, starting with your son/daughter, then how you can support them from home, and finally how the College is able to support them remotely.

If you have any queries regarding any of the guidance below, please contact your child's Head of Year.


Initially, your son/daughter should work through the following steps to improve their own engagement with the remote learning materials, and to ensure evidence is submitted to their class teachers.

  1. Set up a dedicated workspace without distractions, preferably close to a window for natural light.
  2. Use the timetable provided by the College to allocate study time which is the same every day to establish a routine.
  3. Install the SMHW (Satchel) app on a mobile device and, where possible, login using a computer.
  4. Log in to Office 365 and download the Microsoft apps for Word and PowerPoint to your son/daughter's mobile device, tablet or computer.
  5. Your son/daughter should read through the tasks set by class teachers from 9am every morning. Ask any questions using the comment function on SMHW.
  6. Your son/daughter should turn their phone on to airplane mode to prevent notifications from distracting them.
  7. Open the resources and follow the task instructions. Your son/daughter will find it difficult to access audio on a PowerPoint resource unless the app is installed.
  8. Take a photo or submit the work through SMHW even if it is only notes to evidence your son/daughter has done the work required. https://help.teamsatchel.com/en/articles/2912000-submitting-my-work-online
  9. Use the comment function to explain any difficulties or access problems to their class teachers before the deadline. Make sure they know your son/daughter has tried to complete the work.
  10. Spend 30 minutes working and then your son/daughter should give themselves a 5-minute break. Repeat until the work is complete. If this is too difficult, start with 15 minutes and a 5-minute break and build up. They can use a study timer to help manage this.


Once your son/daughter has adjusted or have completed the steps above, as a parent/ carer you will be able to support your son/daughter's completion and submission of work. Not all of these steps are possible due to other commitments, but each will provide greater structure for them which aids their learning.

  1. Download the SMHW (Satchel) app onto your mobile device and link to your son/ daughter's account. If you need support with this, please contact Miss K Walker: k.walker@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk
  2. Review what your son/daughter needs to complete the work and determine if they have the resources needed to do so. If you check after 3pm, you will be able to see what your son/daughter has submitted.
  3. Monitor how they are organising and submitting their work to class teachers.
  4. Review the clarity of their handwriting and presentation. Answers to questions should be in complete sentences and follow notes taken from the resources provided.
  5. Identify any common challenges which can be shared with the Head of House.
  6. Place restrictions on Internet access to prevent the use of social media sites during remote learning periods.
  7. Ask your son/daughter questions about their remote learning at the end of the day. This is a good way to see how much they have read, listened to and watched of the resources. It also helps you to monitor the quality of what class teachers set.
  8. Encourage your son/daughter to read a book or to listen to an audiobook for free from: https://stories.audible.com/discovery.
  9. If offline materials are needed, please contact Reception to request materials for the subjects required. (Please note: There will be a lag due to postage and teachers setting work, which will need to be collated prior to delivery).

College Leaders

Subject and senior leaders will be monitoring the engagement of pupils, including the frequency and quality of the work being submitted. They will respond to concerns raised from parents/carers by contacting the Head of House but will also be providing remote support to address concerns as they arise.

If the factor affecting your son/daughter's remote learning can not be addressed through any of the above steps, please inform the Head of House about the matter. College leaders will then identify and implement an appropriate strategy. A contact email address for class teachers, subject and senior leaders can be found here: